Ever wonder how your competitors manage to get more than one item sold per customer? Up-selling online is an art form like no other that every marketer should learn, embrace, practice, innovate on. Easier said then done am I right? There are tricks of the trade that if you are not using then you are losing out on potential sales. Successful online marketing campaigns use traditional direct response techniques but modified for online sales. I am going to let you in on a slew of methods to increase your sales, up-sell more and get the most ROI on your leads.


In as many times and in as many places as you can without it being obnoxious to “BUY NOW” or “ADD to Cart” buttons placed near every product you want to sell.

Promote future products via action words:

If you have a product coming out in the future start creating a buzz for it now by using action words to promote up-coming sales or future promotions. The product does not need to ready now for promotion.

Create urgency:
You can have limited time sales on new products for example and promote this heavily. Or sell an older product with a bonus product for a limited time, but you must stick to the limited time offer or your credibility can become shot. Mention limited supply, deadlines or availability, if applicable.

You should try to up-sell to each and every customer at the point of purchase. You can give your customers a savings for example to add a complimentary product to the cart, or make use of discounted multiple pricing to encourage more than one product being placed into the cart. Receiving savings is hard to pass up once a customer is already committed to buying product X where product X is the original product placed into the cart.

Selling related products or upgrades is one way to cross-sell and up-sell at the same time. Items that relate to your top sellers work best for cross-selling, as do any products which will add to your customers enjoyment and/or the usefulness of the item they are already purchasing. As always test each idea, some will out perform other ideas, when you find one promotion that works use it, own it, master it and make it yours. You can make use of one methods that has worked for thousands of online marketers which is the ever handy “People who bought this item also bought” followed by a bar full of products.

“we recommend” link

At the close of your sale let your customers see this simple link. It is their choice to click it and while most people will not those that do will see your offer. The good thing here is the conversion rate will be quite nice for those who have clicked as the only people clicking this link will be people who have already purchased from you. You can include special offers here as well for “Our loyal customers” and throw in the usual action words.

Percent off for joining opt in list

Offer customers at check out the chance to join your opt in list for a one time slight discount. Sure you might lose 5% on one single sale but you can increase sales down the line with having a proven customers email, which is one of the best leads you can have.

Closing email:

You can make heavy use of emails which confirm orders or shipment of orders to up-sell or cross-sell. After stating their order is confirmed or shipped you can make use of a small promotional plug.

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